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3D imaging with no external moving parts.

3D imaging with no external moving parts. Clear, undisturbed images with the world's only 360° endocavitary transducer with built-in 3D mover. [b]Applicatons[/b] [list] [*] Anorectal [*] Transvaginal [/list]

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Detailed, High-Resolution Images [list] [*] See all rectal wall layers. [*] Evaluate the Radial, Longitudinal Extension of Sphincter Tears. [*] Assess the extent of anal sphincter damage. [*] Acquire deep penetrating, clear dataset images. [*] Measure detailed Pelvic Floor architecture in all x, y and z planes, accurately. [/list] Easy to Use 3D [list] [*] Scan your patient and examine their data at any time, on any pc [*] Examine your patient at length, without them present [*] Reproduce your work with ease, one-touch operator-independent acquisition [/list]


Length 542 mm

Additional Specifications

Frequency range 6-16 MHz Focal range (typical) Up to 50 mm Sector angle360º DisinfectionImmersion

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