Beckman Coulter - ACL 8000
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Extensive test menu and advanced robotics for heightened precision and accuracy.

The ACL 8000 coagulation analyzer features an extensive test menu and advanced robotics for heightened precision and accuracy. For monitoring hemostatic disorders, approximately 40 clotting, immunoturbidimetric and chromogenic assays are available on the system, including tests for D-Dimer, Von Willebrand Antigen and Free Protein S. The system can perform a D-Dimer test in less than 10 minutes.     Laboratorians also can combine test selections to obtain PT, APTT and fibrinogen results on up to eight samples in less than 10 minutes. To improve accuracy of results, the ACL 8000 offers automated reflex and rerun testing capabilities, while the system's clot signature curve technology aids in clinical interpretation of test results and troubleshooting.

Coagulation labs also will benefit from the ACL 8000's computer-based centrifugal analysis, which allows up to 18 test samples at a time in each 20-cuvette rotor. The onboard capacity of the ACL 8000 is 40 samples and 18 reagents.

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