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by Beckman Coulter

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Designed for high volume labs.

The ACL Advance can reduce costs and increase efficiency in your lab. With its superior technology, it is an easy to use coagulation analyzer that offers complete walk away capabilities. With the Advance's comprehensive test menu, you can maximize your in house specialty testing capabilities. Plus, the protective transparent cover increases the operator's safety during all in-progress

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11 years ago
Get an ACL Advance manual

Is it possible to download and print an ACL Advance manual?



[list]   [*] Random access to perform clotting, chromogenic and immunologic assays simultaneously bullet  [*] Fast, fully automated analysis with continuous cuvette and sample loading   bullet  [*] Clot curve analysis allows you to review the complete clinical picture of clinical samples bullet  [*] Parallelism capability for factor assays to distinguish between true factor deficiency and inhibitor inference bullet  [*] Superior test menu including special assays, such as D-Dimer, New Free Protein S, APCR-V Leiden and von Willebrand  [/list]

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