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Portable ventilator. 

Puritan Bennett™Achieva Portable Ventilators provide positive pressure support for a variety of clinical conditions in pediatric and adult patients. A pressure support capability aids the weaning process and improves patient comfort by reducing work of breathing. Extended battery operation and a lightweight, compact design enhance patient quality of life. An internal modem facilitates remote data transfer to clinicians, and an internal dial-in PEEP with flow/pressure trigger sensitivity promotes patient synchrony. Achieva ventilators are highly efficient in terms of oxygen and power consumption compared with other portable ventilators. They are easy to operate, convenient to use and cost-effective to own.

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7 years ago
Achieva software
Anyone know where I could find the Achieva software program needed for troubleshooting and calibration? It's called MaSSII.Reply


8 years ago
calibration tools

any body know where i can buy calibrator for achieva ventilator



8 years ago
Hardware error

i have a few of these machines and they all alarm "Hardware error" I used to be able to get rid of this while holding down standby, but no longer. Any ideas what this means. How to fix it. I am willing to take the machine apart if that will fix it

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[list]    [*] Offers both volume and pressure control ventilation.    [*] Flow and/or Pressure triggering for enhanced patient synchrony.    [*] Internal dial-in PEEP takes the guesswork out of setting pressure trigger sensitivity.    [*] Pressure Support to enhance weaning and improve patient comfort and patient ventilator/synchrony.    [*] Expiratory Sensitivity improves patient synchrony by allowing the clinician to adjust the percent of peak inspiratory flow that will cycle the ventilator from inspiration to expiration in Pressure Support.    [*] Exceptional battery life for extended mobility.    [*] Internal O2 blending for accurate delivery of 21% to 100% oxygen. (PSO2 model)    [*] Flow Acceleration Limit.    [*] Internal memory and modem allow access to stored data, providing a tool to troubleshoot alarms and evaluate effectiveness of patient settings.    [*] Can be used with pediatric patients as small as 5 kg.    [/list]

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