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High-resolution molecular imaging system.

The DILON 6800 is an advanced, innovative imaging system that opens up new clinical applications to nuclear medicine specialists and radiologists alike. Optimised for BSGI (Breast-Specific Gamma Imaging) where it excels at breast cancer detection, its unique functionality and performance make it an ideal diagnostic tool for other clinical applications, including ASLN guidance, thyroid, para-thyroid, and infant renal imaging.

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3 years ago
User manual
Can any one help me getting user and service manual of the Dillon_6800Reply


8 years ago
dilon tech imaging

how do you  troubleshoot too much air in the cooling system?



13 years ago
Dilon Diagnostics - BSGI with the Dilon 6800 Gamma Camera
Dilon Diagnostics provides a complete system for breast-specific gamma imaging (BSGI) and biopsy guidance. The Dilon 6800 gamma camera supports the diagnostic procedure of molecular breast imaging, known as BSGI or MBI, with high-resolution digital imaging optimized for early breast cancer detection. BSGI/MBI with the Dilon 6800 captures vital tumor information by viewing the metabolism of lesions in the breast via radiopharmaceutical uptake. It can detect early stage cancers, see lesions independent of tissue density and is capable of providing the same views as mammography; thereby providing physiological data in images that directly correlate to the mammogram.Reply
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Dilon Diagnostics - BSGI with the Dilon 6800 Gamma Camera


Compact Detector

  • Allows imaging close to the chest wall, thus minimizing dead space. 
  • Portable detector eliminates the need for installation or a dedicated exam room.
  • Movable detector head allows imaging in all mammographic positions, plus selective study of hard-to-reach areas such as the axilla.
  • Duplicates standard mammographic views. 
  • Located in the breast center for same-day diagnostic imaging. 

SmartShield (gamma isolation shield) 

  • Eliminates shine-through 
  • Decreases scatter radiation from nearby organs 
  • Forms and stabilizes the breast with minimal compression


SPECT/CT Module0
Gamma Camera TypeSPECT
Gantry ConfigurationOpen
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