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Nuclear Camera 

The Philips Genesys (formerly ADAC) nuclear medicine camera is optimized for SPECT, total body and general purpose imaging. Its detector is supported on a dual ring gantry for added stability.

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-Cam Walter
7 years ago
Printer function
Current Codonics printer headed south. Would like to install newer printer but not sure if camera can handle newer printer/driver, and not sure access these functions on the software. Any help would be appreciated Reply


7 years ago
PM manual?
My employer has just written a contract for pm service of an Adac Genesys Single head. Its been dropped in my lap and Ive never seen one before. Can anyone offer any pm procedural documentation so that I don't look like a boob on my first service visit?Reply


11 years ago
ADAC genesys analog gantry will not boot

Analog dual head gantry will not boot. Power supplies all good but mpu and relays keep cycling/resetting themselves. Don't have a good diagram of analog gantry.

Thinks possible bad Mpu or safety circuit is not kicking in properly. E stops all appear to be ok as well. 24v to Mpu seems solid but need to scope.

Any help is appreciated!



  • Robotically controlled gantry motions
  • Digital position read-outs
  • Rectangular 200mm x 150mm FOV


Crystal Thickness0.375 in
Detector GeometrySingle-head
Gamma Camera TypeSPECT
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