Dräger - Narkomed GS
by Dräger

Durable anesthesia workstation that is intuitive and easy to use.

Built-in monitor displays volume, pressure and O2 data. The monitor features a centralized three-tier alarm system that helps physicians quickly recognize critical events. 
Includes the dependable AV2+ ventilator, which is pressure-limited, time-cycled and volume-preset. It features pneumatic circuitry and electronic timing, plus controls for breathing rate, inspiratory to expiratory ratio, tidal volume, inspiratory flow and inspiratory pressure limit for flexible ventilation. It is capable of inverse I:E ratios with its built-in safety mechanism and is designed for an assortment of conditions. It also uses an economical amount of drive gas.

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-Randy Hunt
a month ago
service manual
Looking for service manual for Narkomed GS Reply


2 years ago
A/D failure
After power on  The massage  A/D failure  appears All other are pass  What can be the problem ?Reply


2 years ago
vapor not config
how i can to resolve this advisory 'vapor not config'? NARKOMED GSReply


  • Two or three vaporizers            
  • Absorber            
  • Scavenger system            
  • Sphygmomanometer


GasesAir, Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen Helium, and Carbon Dioxide
Inspiratory Flow (max)100 L/min
ScavengerOpen, Closed or Passive interface
Vaporizer TypeVariable-bypass
Vaporizers (Max)Two
Vent Modesvolume control (VCV), Manual/Spontaneous
Height53.25 in
Length 27 in
Weight375 lbs
Width36 in

Additional Specifications

ANESTHESIA AGENTS:Isoflurane, halothane, enflurane, desflurane, sevoflurane

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