Safe, fast and dependable sterilizer.

Amsco Eagle Ten Autoclave provides clinics with Safe, fast and dependable sterilizer. The Amsco Eagle Ten Autoclave is a large capacity, counter-top sterilizer perfect for any size practice. Amsco has been a world leader in sterilization equipment, and the Eagle Ten offers many sophisticated features. The spacious 10" x 16" chamber can hold two utensil trays per load for wrapped, unwrapped and liquid goods. The outside dimensions are compact, saving counter space in the work area. Simply select wrapped, unwrapped, packs or liquid sterilization with the touch of one button. Other features include optional programmable controls, self-diagnostic error codes and safe operation.

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14 days ago
Service Manual
Does anybody have a PDF of the service manual for an Amsco Eagle 10 you could email to me? Email is ThanksReply


7 months ago
Power on all the time to the heater element
Does anyone know why the power to the heater element would stay on even after replacing the SSR ? The dc voltage input to the ssr is always on even when no cycle is running. I also checked the heater element for short to chamber...none found. I suspect the optocoupler on the control board to be bad.... Does anyone know which one that may be? Does any one have the service manual to the Eagle 10 they would be willing to share? My email is: Thank you guys!Reply


a year ago
Service manual
Where can i find a service manual for the Amsco eagle ten? Does anyone have one they can share?Reply


  • Safe, fast and dependable sterilization.
  • Large capacity, compact design
  • Microprocessor controls
  • Self-diagnostic error codes
  • Safe operation
  • Fast sterilization cycles
  • Pre-programmed or programmable cycle selection.


Height20.5 in
Length 15.5 in
Weight80 lbs
Width19.75 in