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The Fully Automatic Kwiklave

The Tuttnauer EZ series is also available in a quick cycle model, the Kwiklave (EZ10k). This sterilizer offers all the proven, dependable features of our fully automatic autoclaves, with the added benefit of reducing the total heat up time. This autoclave is the perfect choice for quick instrument turn-around or a high volume office. Speed and reliability are accomplished without sacrificing load size. 2 year parts and labor warranty.            Model EZ10k requires a voltage between 220V and 235V for proper operation.            When applicable a buck/boost transformer (0.5KVA) may be required.

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a month ago
EZ10K cannot complete cycles

Our EZ10K is set for 121C, 15 min, 00 dry time.  From a cold start it reaches temperature in good time (13-14 minutes), and maintains pretty steady temperature and pressure for the first 11-12 minutes.  It then begins losing pressure, and temperature along with it.  With 2 minutes left it aborts, giving a LOW TEMP message and failure on the printout.

I verified it is putting 600 mL of water in the chamber.  There are no apparent leaks anywhere.  The water enters the chamber properly when starting a cycle, and it all goes back to the reservoir at the end.  

We replaced the water level sensor today and raised the front feet.  It still cannot complete a cycle.

Any advice on settings or parts that might help?  



-Uptown Dental Hygiene
11 years ago
Screw and spring

I have found a screw and spring beside my sterilizer. I have also found that a screw is missing in the door of the sterilizer. If you're looking at the inside of the open door it ison the upper right side. I am wondering what order the screw and spring goes on. Is the spring between the plastic and the metal of the door and then the screw goes through first the metal of the door the spring and then the plastic of the door - or- does the spring go over the screw and into the metal of the door and into the plastic of the door. When I first put the screw in it was really tight. I don't want to break anything.




13 years ago
Tuttnauer 2540 EHS v/s EZ10
recently replaced two EZ10's in a surgery center with two 2540 EHS units. Unit #1 has never failed to operate, Unit #2 has intermittent failure at start-up (in the vacuum cycle). The pump has been replaced three times, all plumbing replaced, checked for leaks, all solenoids, etc replaced. Although only 1-yr old Tuttnauer tech support does not offer any help or support on these pre-vac units. Can anybody help?Reply
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Chamber Volume23 L
Height14.4 in
Chamber Height10 in
Length 21.5 in
Weight95 lbs
Chamber Depth19 in
Width20 in
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