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The Clinac 2100C linear accelerator is the most widely selected medical accelerator in the world, treating thousands of patients every day.

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11 years ago
Mosaic computer lockup

Mosaic computer freezes intermittently causing the inability to transfer planning data to the varian 2100C unit.




  • Two selectable photon beam energies
  • Selectable dose rate up to 600MU/min
  • Choice of electron energies to meet clinical needs, with electron applicators included
  • Tight isocenter alignment of the gantry, couch, collimator, and imagers
  • Reproducible, stable, and accurate machine positioning
  • Exact couch for accurate reproducible patient positioning
  • Modes for special clinical procedures, e.g. high dose total skin electron mode and total body X-ray mode
  • Enhanced dynamic wedge saves time and the need to reenter the treatment room
  • SmartConnect remote access technology provides access to Varian customer support expert assistance and online remote analysis

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