The HP Sonos 7500 system redefines the future of echocardiography with a comprehensive portfolio of imaging tolls never before offered.

Designed for excellent clinical performance, improved productivity and advanced research, the Sonos 7500 system is more than an incremental step forward. It will surpass all expectations of a cardiac ultrasound system.

In addition, the SONOS 7500 system boasts innovations such as transthoracic Live xPlane imaging and the OmniPlane III TEE transducer, which join irreplaceable standards like Harmonic Fusion and stress echo. Each of these clinical capabilities translates into better image quality, more valuable clinical information and, ultimately, improved diagnostic confidence.

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a year ago
Hello I am in need for New S3 probe for sonos 7500Reply


a year ago
Login for set menu
What are the password and username Reply


a year ago
Mashine failure
Sreen is black no response to reset and set commands. Touch screen panel doesn't light. Where's the problem? Any one can help please. Thanks Reply


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  • Real-time 3D echo images for visualization of complex anatomic features, and assessment of regional/global function. 
  • Unique transthoracic BiPlane imaging for simultaneous examination of two orthogonal views.
  • Live 3D echo
  • X Matrix transducer technology 
  • X Stream 3D Architecture 
  • iNavigator Intelligent Interface 
  • OmniPlane III TEE Transducer
  • Transthoracic BiPlane Imaging
  • Harmonics Plus
  • DICOM Modality Work List 
  • DICOM Connect


Cart Based1
Doppler ModesSpectral steered PW/CW Doppler
Height59.5 in
Image Display15 in High Resolution Monitor
Imaging Capabilities2D/3D
Imaging ModeM
Length 40.5 in
Weight470 lbs
Width24.9 in
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