Philips - EnVisor
by Philips

Philips - EnVisor
Manufactured by Philips

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The EnVisor Ultrasound System offers many time-saving features designed to optimize workflow while its ease-of-use helps assure imaging consistency across all care-givers and patient types.            
With its state-of-the-art ergonomics, mobility and advanced imaging technologies, the EnVisor will meet the increasing demands of your imaging practice while helping you to maintain clinical excellence.

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5 years ago
HD3 Getting Started Manual

Does anyone has a Getting Started Manual please?... we are trying to install a printer but we don't know how and we've read in this manual we could get some help.

Thanks a lot.



-Ngoc Dang
6 years ago
Block source damage.

I have a untrasound Envior HD. The Block source damage. If you have circuit diagrams, please sent to me. Thanks!



6 years ago
The cd-drive

I have a question regarding what kind of connection the cd driver of the Philips Envisor C has. Is it the zata or IDE ?


Thank you for your time



  • Power up in less than one minute, and quickly start your exams with extensive presets.
  • iSCAN Intelligent Optimization provides one-touch adjustment of your TGC, receiver gain and dynamic range during vascular exams. iSCAN also operates in Doppler modes, providing automatic scale and baseline adjustments.
  • Intelligent Doppler automatically maintains a specified scanning angle as you adjust for flow.
  • High Q Automated Doppler provides real-time measurements of user-defined Doppler waveforms.
  • On-line help is always available.


Cart Based1
Clinical ApplicationsColorectal
Doppler ModesPW & CW Doppler, Color Doppler, Color power Doppler, Steerable PW/CW Spectral Doppler, HPRF, Anatomical M-mode, Color M-mode, Freehand 3D
Height58 in
Image Display15 in CRT monitor
Imaging ModeB/M
Length 40.5 in
Width21.5 in