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The Acuson 3V2C adult cardiac array ultrasound probe can be used with an Acuson Cypress or Acuson Sequoia Ultrasound system. The 3VCc is capable of improved 2D imaging, improved spectral Doppler audio performance, and transcranial imaging.

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8 years ago
Low acoustic attenuation silicone rubber

Hello , Can someone tell me where I can buy low acoustic attenuation silicone rubber lens for repair medical ultrasonic probe array?

My mail is:



12 years ago
casing to carry it around

i am cardiologist and need a casing to carry my machine around for portable examinations


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[list]    [*] Operating frequency: 5 to 7 MHz    [*] Cardiac applications    [*] 2D imaging    [*] Spectral Doppler         Compatible systems     [*] Sequoia     [*] Cypress     [/list]

Additional Specifications

[list]     [*] 5-7 mghz     [*] Used and New Models     [*] Transcranial Imaging Capabilities     [*] 2D Imaging     [*] Spectral Doppler audio performance     [/list]

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