Midmark - 119
by Midmark

Midmark - 119
Manufactured by Midmark

Power Exam Chair

You control power, height, tilt, back and foot sections effortlessly with the crescent of power foot control. The low height is great for older, infirm, or obese patients to get on and off.

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a year ago
foot section attachment

The foot section does not stay attached to the potion that moves.  It looks like we have 2 springs but don't have schematic on how they attach?  any suggestions or pictures.


Thank you



2 years ago



2 years ago
Ritter Evolution 75 - leaking base cylinder

Ritter Evolution 75 table with base cylinder leaking.  Slow leak over ! 3-4 years.  Yellow hydraulic fluid around the base, on the floor.

I am a rural solo physician...   I have the table opened up this AM.  I can see the wet fluid on the base cylineder ONLY.  Table works, but I am thinking I should get ahead of this.

No one out here in my area to help, so I must try and tackle what I can.  I've never replaced a cylinder, nor bled a hydraulic system, etc...  But I am willing if it's not terribly complicated.  fixed my 7 foot  Meyer's snow plow's hydraulic system a week ago.  I'm game to have a go at this...

I looked into ElectraFit, but that's way too expensive for me.  I'm on my own out here.  No system to request $$$ from.  All out of my own pocket.

Where might I begin now that I know the cylinder which is leaking...and have it all unbuttoned.  

If I should find a new base cylinder for this table....I'd need instructions as to how to undo the hydraulic system safely and appropriately....replace the clylinder....and then bleed and fill the system again.





Used in:

  • Multi-Physician Practice
  • Laser Surgery
  • Urologic and OB/GYN
  • Knee-Chest Procedures


Height26 to 42 inches
Length 80 in with headrest Extended
Width27 in