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Full-power exam chair specifically designed for ENT and Opthalmology practices.

The Reliance 980 Power Chair is a full-power exam chair specifically designed for ENT and Opthalmology practices. It is controlled by the use of membrance switches on both sides of chair back and also by the foot control. The 980 features a round base for easier access to the patient as well as programmable memory feature for recline position. THe controls also feature an auto return button and a safety switch. The headrest is a single lock adjustable concave headrest. Armrests lock in place and a release mechanism allows patients to sit or leave from either side of the chair. The hydraulic base is tested to 600 pounds.

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-Robert Sulenov
4 years ago
Global or Reliance exam/procedure chair
I am looking at the following companies: Global, Reliance and Midmark. Midmark is a preferred option, but is a bit much for now, so I narrowed it down to Global and Reliance. Can someone please make recommendation or share their opinion, technical knowledge and experience about these companies reliability... Thank youReply


9 years ago
PC board

Will a PC board out of a 880H work in the 980H Chair(Part# 1659699?



[list]   [*] Pre-select the chair's most used position with the programmable memory positioning switch.   [*] Auto return button returns the chair to the upright position from side switches and foot switches.   [*] Dual controls for base and top functions, either by footswitch or membrane switches on both sides of chair back.   [*] Finger switches or corded foot switch to raise, lower, or recline the chair.   [*] Membrane switches and rotation locks allow chair operations from a sitting or standing position with dual side controls.   [*] Single lock adjustable concave headrest standard with choice of headrest to best fit your practice needs.   [*] High and low base models available.   [*] CSA, C/US Certificate of Compliance   [/list]

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