STERIS - AMSCO Quantum SQ-240

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High-powered and easy to maneuver

The Amsco Quantum SQ-240 surgical light combines the flexibility and positioning ease of a small diameter lighthead with the superb optical performance of a large diameter lighthead. The SQ-240 O.R. lights are high-powered and easy to maneuver. These surgical lights have been designed for every size and type of surgical procedure.

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a year ago
Removing lightheads...
Hoping someone has the install manual for the Amsco Quantum light so I can see how to remove the lightheads from the unit.

Equipment: STERIS - AMSCO Quantum SQ-240



3 years ago
Where is the SQ240 light head board P141211235 located
I have a SQ240 and lamp 1 works but lamp 2 does not. I think it may be the Light head board P141211235. I have swtiched the brushes but the problem stays with lamp 2. Where is the light head board located. Can someone send me the service manual or just where that board is located. thx so much. Reply


7 years ago
Help with satellite
Hello, i have an AMSCO SQ240 Surgical Light. Satellite 1: it doesn't work the motor, for switching the back up light bulb, there is only a sound, like a buzz noise, when the principal light bulb is in short. Satellite 2: There is no light, i have voltage from the base and angular arm, but no in the torch (soquet), for any of the 2 light bulbs. A electric diagram could help me in this.Reply


[list]       [*] Depth of Field: 26 inches       [*] Cylinder of Light: 18 inches       [*] Head size: 24 inches       [*] Peak Intensity: 18 inches       [*] Intensity Levels: Up to 12,000 footcandles or 129,170 lux.       [*] Cool Illumination: Optical coatings remove 98% of all unwanted heat.       [*] Color Correction: Up to 4200° Kelvin       [*] Color Rendering Index: 92       [*] Continuous Rotation: 360° at all critical joints       [*] Lateral Illumination: 90°       [*] Continuous Light: If a lamp fails, automatically changes to spare lamp       [*] Lamp Life: ~1,000 hours typical; 2,000 on setting 3       [/list]


Bulb Life1000 hr
Depth of Field26 in
Color Temperature4200 K
Lighthead Diameter24 in
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