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The Aaron 940 High Frequency Desiccator.

The Aaron 940 High Frequency Desiccator eliminates the need for a tedious multi-step process to change from low to high power during electrosurgery, making the Aaron 940 the ideal high frequency desiccator for hospitals and clinics everywhere. The Aaron 940 High Frequency Desiccator's digital power control system allows the user to change from low to high by simply pushing the up / down buttons on the hand piece or by rotating the power control knob.          

Proudly made in the USA, the Aaron 940 features a rotary power-control dial, providing smooth, rapid power adjustments, and clearly, logically marked output modes for convenience. The Bovie Aaron 940's hand piece is autoclavable making clean up a breeze and conveniently holds standard 3/32" electrodes both safely and securely. The Aaron High Frequency Desiccator continuously monitors every aspect of the Aaron 940's output, instantly disabling the output at the sign of any problem for added user and patient safety.

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3 years ago
Electric Diagram
I need photos or diagrams of boards connections .Reply


10 years ago



13 years ago
Dispersive Electrode
I recently purchased a Bovie 940 from USA and was under the impression that it was a 'plug and play' unit. When we plugged it in there was power to the unit but no power at the electrode. My question is "do we need to use a grounding pad if we are just using the unit to diathermy?" Any other suggestions would be grateful.Reply
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[list]    [*] Digital error detection for user and patient safety           [*] Autoclavable hand piece           [*] Optional Mobile Stand available            [*] Non-absorbing, non-staining, high-impact plastic housing           [*] Comfortable, sure-grip 3 button hand piece    [/list]


Height9 in
Length 4.5 in
Weight3 lbs
OutPut Frequency550 kHz
Output Power40 W 1-10 Watts in 1/10th Watt increments in mono and bipolar)
Width6.3 in

Additional Specifications

Line Voltage           100 - 240 VAC           Line Frequency   50-60 Hz

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