GE Healthcare - Signa OpenSpeed 0.7T
Manufactured by GE Healthcare

0.7-tesla supercon open scanner

The G.E. OpenSpeed 0.7T High-Field Open MRI takes on the architecture of the traditional (both sides opened) Open MRI scanner. Most Open MRI scanners operate at a lower magnetic field strength and receive a lower signal from the body. High-field MRI scanners rely on the tubular or cylinder form construction to produce strong magnetic fields. By using superconducting technology, the magnetic field strength of the G.E. OpenSpeed High-Field Open MRI has been increased to 0.7 Tesla. This is two to three times stronger than the traditional open MRI systems operating today. With the combination of high-performance surface coils and powerful computer processing power, the performance of this scanner is equivalent to that of a 1.0T High-Field MRI system. As opposed to the traditional open MRI systems, the images on the G.E. OpenSpeed 0.7 High-Field MRI have a higher quality and are done in a shorter time (3 times faster than most other Open MRI systems).



5 months ago
second hand value
Hi, I am a general contractor. I am renovating an MRI suite and removing a .7T MRI. It is a functional magnet now. Does it have any resale value? Can it be parted out or sold as a 2nd hand system?Reply


a year ago
GE .7 Openspeed MRI
What is the highest temperature that the equipment control room be?Reply


2 years ago
Vibration Threshold
Need specifications to look up the vibration damage threshold. The model # is 221300.Reply
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  1. Patient weight limit of 227 kg (500 lbs)
  2. 0.7 Tesla magnet (length: 175 cm (5’9”))
  3. Bore (tube) diameter 212 cm(W) x 250 cm(H)
  4. Magnet weight incl. Helium only approx. (8,256 kg (18,200 lbs))


Clinical UseWhole Body
Magnet TypeSuperconducting
Magnetic Field Strength0.7 T
Patient Weight Capacity500
Weight18200 lbs
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GE Healthcare - Signa OpenSpeed 0.7T

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