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High Performance Premium Open MR

Firmly establishing Hitachi's reputation as the Open MR authority, the AIRIS II provides high image quality to gives users full capability coupled with confidence and reliability. The award-winning, panoramic design provides a multitude of marketing opportunities and significant cost-effectiveness. AIRIS II's gradients enable high-resolution neuro imaging. Inversion-recovery EPI-DWI provides fat-suppressed diffusion images at 0.3 telsa. Dedicated neuro coils maximize image quality and anatomical coverage.

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a year ago
I/O error
I'm facing an error as MR gets ready. Error no. 3a160d, FE Manage, Table Plz help me to solve this problem ASAP.

Equipment: Hitachi Medical Systems - AIRIS II



2 years ago
Reset Protocols
Hello our office currently has the Aries 2 open MRI unit, a previous tech messed with the protocols and has made them difficult to use and it has prolonged the scan time. is there anyway I can reset to the default protocols? I don't want to try to do it without insight and mess something up with our unit. thank you very much. Reply


2 years ago
Service manual
Hello All, After about 6 month we are now experiencing image chatter with our device specifically the lumbar and c-spine images. I have looked for a service manual so I can try to diagnose the issue but have not found one. Can someone please help me with this. EMAIL Reply
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  • Exclusive SARGE sequences allow tissue contrast selectivity
  • FatSep provides sequences for fat-water separation
  • Advanced vascular imaging like timed bolus MRA is standard, while FSE capabilities provide high-quality MRCP imaging.


Magnet TypePermanent
Weight34600 lbs
Clinical UseWhole Body
Gantry (Max. Clearance) 43 cm
Magnetic Field Strength0.3 T
Patient Weight Capacity500 lbs
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