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Excellent ease-of-use with high-quality images A wealth of functions to simplify mobile imaging easy

MobileArt Plus is designed by integrating solutions for the real requirements from the field for mobile imaging. In mobile imaging, it is required to care various things, such as driving through a crowded passage, long drive with heavy films, taking quality X-ray films without mistake, taking care of very sensitive fixtures, and most importantly giving the comfort to the patient.                          MobileArt Plus provides the solutions to operate system without stress.

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-al kadasi
3 days ago
Opration manial. M503- E011
Pleas We requested operation manual document no. M503 -E011 For x -ray shimadzu Mobil Ary. Model Mux 100H

Equipment: Mux 100h



-Joseph Cleary
4 months ago
Failing Self Check - Test 1

I have a Shimadzu Mobile Dart MUX-100D that is failing Test1 of the Self-Check.  The service/operation manuals I have do not address self-check.  The alert window shows the following: "System SelfCheck Error (-8)" and "TEST1 Failed. (0x0240)". Can anyone help me troubleshoot this error? Also, does anyone have a service manual specific to Mobile Dart MUX-100D?

Equipment: Shimadzu -Mobile Dart MUX100-D



4 months ago
All point calibration

Our ophanage clini has mobile xray machine Shimadzu Mobileart eco mux-10 and is giving an error message of f22 when exposing using high doses, but works well when using low doses. I was told we might need all point calibration manual. If anyone could assist with the manual please.

Equipment: Mobileart eco MUX-10 -Shimadzu

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"Status Indicator"

  • You can easily recognize ready time for the exposure by color of Status Indicator. It reduces the time for patient to hold the breath.            

"Telescopic Arm" with "All free button"

  • Telescopic arm provides easiest and accurate positioning. And the "All free button" in the middle of arm enables a operator to extend the arm from the system side, without going around the bed.            

"Inch Mover" 

  • Button allows you to make very precise movement the system to adjust the position along bed side, without moving the patient at all.

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