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Features high-speed reconstruction ability

The CXR-4 computerized tomography machine features high-speed reconstruction ability for optimized throughput and an intuitive graphical user interface, the combination of advanced clinical capability and patient/clinician comfort expected from Hitachi. High Image Quality and Large Imaging Area A large imaging area covered with a maximum of pitch-7 and a high image quality with fewer artifacts are simultaneously achieved. Real-Time Image Reconstruction and Display 0.2 sec. Real-time reconstruction and image display while scanning High-Speed, Large-Volume Data Transmission The most advanced optical data transmission technology is used to process a large volume of image data with high speed Low Radiation Exposure and Patient-Friendly Environment Features such as mA optimization for each patient and anatomical region make for patient-friendly, low-dose scanning Operability and Networking Using the operability and flexibility of Microsoft Windows, the CT system is designed for easy operation and future extensibility

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12 years ago
part list or service manual

Can somebody help me find the part list for this machine to buy some parts, or the service manua? If somebody can help me please email me at It is urgent!!!

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Type (configuration)Multislice
Maximum Scan Range147 cm
Gantry (Max. Clearance) 70 cm
Patient Weight Capacity400 lbs
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