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Lesion Generator 

RF Lesion Generator with output for both the conventional continuous application of RF (for heat lesions) and for the Pulsed Radio frequency Lesion (PRF) procedures. Radio frequency ablation procedures can be performed percutaneously, intraoperatively, or laparoscopically, depending on the physicians discretion. Radio frequency ablation is an excellent alternative or adjunct therapy for patients with non-resectable liver lesions who may otherwise be unable to be successfully treated with surgery or chemotherapy.

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4 years ago
Lesion Activation
Does anyone have the electrical schematic for the RFG-3cf? Looking for the activation pinout for the foot switch? Thanks Reply


5 years ago
Find someone to service/test unit
We have a Radionics RF machine (Model #RFG-3CF) we have already had the PM done on the unit but we are looking for a company that will do a little more in depth testing. Reply


5 years ago
Radionics RF

I bought the generator but it lacks a plug and other peripherals....can anyone outline where I can obtain the other equipment including plates so that I can perform RF procedures including pulse RF..

Yours kindly,




Additional Specifications

  • Electrical Volts: 100 V AC specified: 90-110 V AC input  117 V AC specified: 105-125 V AC input    
    220 V AC specified: 200-240 V AC input    
    240 V AC specified: 220-260 V AC input
  • Impedance Monitor Range:
    0-5000 ohms
  • Stimulator Output Rate:
    one shot, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 75, 100, 150, 180, 200 Hz 
  • Stimulator Duration:
    .1, .2, .5, 1 mS
  • Stimulator Amplitude Ranges:  Voltage Stim. Mode:
    0-1 V, 0-10 V
  • Constant Current Stim. Mode:
    0-1 mA, 0-10 mA 
  • Temperature Monitor:
    TC1, TC2, and TM drift less than 2 C from ambient temperature  
  • Automatic Temperature Control:
    Range: TC1, TC2, and TM 20-95 C  
    Resolution: 1 C 
  • RF Lesion Generator:
    Timing: 0-20 minutes (selectable)
  • Volts Display:
    Range: 0-100 V     
  • Current Display:Range: 0-999 mA
  • Watts Display:
    Range: 0-50 watts
  • Output Ports: (BNC Connectors): RF Volts: 0-100 RF volts = 0-1 Vdc    
    RF Current: 0-1000 RF mA = 0-1 Vdc  
    RF Watts: 0-50 RF watts = 0-.5 Vdc    
    Impedance: 0-5000 ohms = 0-1 Vdc  
    Temperature: 20-100 C = 0-1 Vdc
  • Pulsed Mode:
    Rate: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Hz  
    Duration: 10, 20, 30 mS 
  • Safety Standards:
    UL 544

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