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Response Compression System

The Kendall 6325 Response Compression System is designed to apply sequential compression to the lower limbs to help prevent deep vein thrombosis in patients at risk. The model 6325R Controller has been upgraded from an SCD Sequel Compression System Model 6325 Controller. The System consists of the Model 6325R Controller, the Tubing Set (provided with the Controller), and the use of single-patient use SCD Sleeves (purchased separately from this Controller). The Sleeves compress the limbs to enhance venous blood movement. After the compression, the Controller measures the time it takes for the legs to refill with blood and waits that period of time before the next compression in initiated.

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11 years ago

How can shorten the time between cycle, it inflate like very 60 sec, is ther way to shorten the time ?





12 years ago
compressions sleeves for this device

Hello.  I am interested in your Kendall 6325.  I have some sleeves, which are Kendall 5330 'soft sleeves' with a four-hole snap connector.  I know that some units are three hole and want to confirm how many holes / tubes there are on the connector for each leg sleeve on the 6325 unit.  Thanks



[list]    [*] Reduces the effects of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)    [*] Reduces post surgery pain and swelling    [*] Stimulates arterial blood flow    [/list]


Weight8.9 lbs

Additional Specifications

Compression Type: Sequential, Gradient Pressure    Compression Cycle: 11 Seconds Compression, 60 Seconds Decompression    Set Pressure: 45 mmHg    Bed Hook: Yes    Power Cord Storage: Yes    Audio/Visual Alarms: Low Pressure, High Pressure, Internal Malfunction    Sleeve Cooling Function: Yes    Cycle Monitor: Yes    Power Cord: Hospital Grade Plug    Controller Height: 6 inches    Controller Width: 10.75 inches    Controller Depth: 4.5 inches    Power Requirements: 115 VAC, 86 VA, 60 Hz

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