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Ultrasound System

Philips advanced features, high definition imaging, and common user interface are combined in a best-in-class solution. The Philips HD7 XE ultrasound system draws upon an array of features and capabilities available on higher end Philips systems and puts them into a unit that is perfect for a full service facility. Configure the HD7 XE to suit user specific needs, choosing from an impression list of options.  The HD7 XE system is designed to help users get high quality images in exams and facilitate a department workflow.

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4 years ago
philips hd7 intermittent keypad
Keypad locks up and sometimes return function after reboot. Any guidance would be appreciated.Reply


-Benny Haraba
5 years ago
Philips HD7_XE
It Displays no signal what could be a possible cause Reply


6 years ago

Hi All:

I have a Philips HD7XE with a defective Monitor Arm. I can't hold up or put in a upper position. I found the gas strut in the arm with problems but I don't found the correct part number to replace it. Someone have this problem before? In this case it's necessary to replace all the monitor arm or only the gas strut?

I'll appreciate any suggestions

Please reply to:

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  • Many Philips solutions are incorporated in the HD7 XE system to provide users with tools that help improve workflow. 
  • iSCAN one button image optimization allows users to get the best image possible with the least adjustment, reducing differences between new and experienced users. 
  • Articulating arm mounting for the monitor so users can quickly and easily adjust for each exam, improving exam flow and increasing clinician comfort. 
  • High Q analysis automatically traces Doppler waveforms in real time for fast and accurate results. 
  • DICOM connectivity and easy data recording, plus an onboard USB port streamline data management. 
  • Off-line QLAB quantification allows post-exam review and analysis on a PC.


Cart Based1
Clinical ApplicationsAnesthesia
Color-flow Mapping1
Doppler ModesColor, Continuous wave (CW), Pulsed wave (PW)
Image Display15 in Color Flat Panel
Imaging Capabilities2D/3D
Weight165 lbs

Additional Specifications

  • Probes that work with this system:
    Cardiac sector probe S4-2 
  • Pediatric Cardiac sector probe S8 (21350A) 
  • Linear probe L12-3 Linear
  • 50mm Linear probe L12-5 Linear
  • Intracavity probe E6509 (21336A) 
  • Endovaginal probe C8-4v 
  • Convex probe C8-5
  • Convex probe C5-2
  • Convex probe C6-3
  • Intraoperative probe 15-6L

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