GE Healthcare - OEC 9600
by GE Healthcare


OEC 9600 Series Benefits: Digital Mobile C-Arm. Great Images, Low Dose, Maneuverable, Simple Operation, Large View and Rapid Hard Copy.

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-Metropolis Tech
7 days ago
error code 10 boxes
hey guys, when the c-arm of oec 9600 boots up, it stops at 10 boxes. in the manual it says" EEPROM checksum verification complete". so, it has to do with the EEPROM. I'm thinking it could be the battery of the SRAM is dead or maybe the software. what do you guys think ? what you think is the issue?any ideas on how to solve the problem?(also, I'm not near the unit right now)Reply


-Metropolis Tech
17 days ago
c-arm error code
hey, guys . On the c-arm, i get the code interlocks open. what does that mean and what is a way to resolve it?Reply


-Metropolis Tech
22 days ago
18 arrows
hey, guys. when the c-arm boots it stops at 18 arrows. how i can fix this problem? thanksReply


  • Dual Monitors 
  • Tri mode 6/9/12
  • 200 images storage
  • Great Images
  • Simple Operation
  • Digital and Mobile


Maximum Focal Spot0.6 mm
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