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Mobile C-Arm

OEC 9600 Series Benefits: Digital Mobile C-Arm. Great Images, Low Dose, Maneuverable, Simple Operation, Large View and Rapid Hard Copy.

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-Traveling FSE
a month ago
SRAM Info on reprogramming
Looking for the info on the programmer/reader for copying the gen files back to SRAM after battery depleted. 1. What reader/Programmer? 2. What bit rate is needed on Reader? 8bit or 16 bit? The cards are becoming obsolete. 3. Note sure what replacement SRAM card is needed. ThanksReply


-Jason M
2 months ago
Peak skin dose
I have a customer that called in from out of state asking for help finding the peak skin dose. Because I work on most of the 9800-up c-arms in my region everyone assumes I know how to do this. I'm not very familiar with the 9600, looking for some guidance on how to turn this on if possible.Reply


-Medical Tech
4 months ago
Video switching
Hey, on a 9600 I got a working video switching PCB but only one of it's LED lights is on. I know if, two are on it's working. What would be a reason for only one light to be on? The unit doesn't shoot x-rays as wellReply
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  • Dual Monitors 
  • Tri mode 6/9/12 
  • 200 images storage
  • Great Images 
  • Simple Operation 
  • Digital and Mobile


Maximum Focal Spot0.6 mm
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