Marco Nidek - ARk-900
by Marco Nidek

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Provides the practitioner objective measurements of refraction, and radius of corneal curvature together in one instrument

The ARK-900 incorporates many impressive features such as Marco’s exclusive Advanced Refraction Logic, Averaged multiple readings, Automatic binocular P.D. measurement, and calculation for near PD., as well as a mode for monocular P.D. and corneal diameter measurements. An electronic joystick elevation controls makes alignment and focusing a simple and fast one-handed operation.        The instrument can be used separately as an auto refractor, keratometer, or of course, both simultaneously. All functions are conveniently displayed on a high resolution TV monitor and the patient data appears on a single printout.

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7 years ago
trouble w papet

how do you load paper



9 years ago
printer stopped working

how should we proceed?



-Optica Martinez
11 years ago
Monocular readings in the Kerameter ARK 900

Our ARK 900 Refractor / Keratometer does´t change when the right eye has been measured, the left eye reading appears as a continued measurement of the right eye despite is set to automatic binocular measuring.

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[list]    [*] High speed mode    [*] Objective refraction measurements    [*] Accurate corneal diameter readings    [*] Auto PD calculation    [*] Built in printing function    [/list]

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