Unfors RaySafe - 535L
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The Unfors Mult-O-Meter offers a cost effective and rapid way for measurements. The meter is designed with the aim to make the measurement procedure simple and straightforward. The Unfors Mult-O-Meter is extremely easy to use. Only two buttons are used to control the instrument: On/Off and Parameter for scrolling the measured values. No set-up time is needed. Just position the detector in the radiation field and expose. The specially designed LCD clearly indicates measured value and unit together. As an added benefit, you will spend your time making measurements instead of assembling your measurement equipment. For further functionality the Unfors Mult-O-Meter can be extended with internal software functions.

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2 years ago
User manual for Unfors RaySafe - 587L
I need a user manual for the 587L series. This series has been discontinued and the dosimeter donated to me but without its user manual. Reply


[list]    [*] Normalization of dose    [*] Dose reproducibility    [*] mAs linearity    [*] Simplified HVL    [*] Time measured corresponding to the 75 % triglevel of the kVp waveform    [*] kVp with a 5, 50, 150 ms delay    [/list]


Analyzer/Simulator TypeRadiation Dosimeter
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