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Now featuring OZil Intelligent Phaco software upgrades, the INFINITI Vision System puts optimized OZil torsional emulsification at your fingertips. With enhanced fluidic management and surgical control, the INFINITI Vision System delivers the strategic advantage in customized phaco procedures.

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3 years ago
Service Test Procedure for Alcon Infiniti


I am looking for a Service Test procedure document (p/n: SOP-0637) for Alcon Infiniti.  I would appreciate any help. Thank you!!



4 years ago
Service manual or help?

I just had an Alcon Infinity Phaco start throwing an error that the CPU battery needs to be changed. I also found out from my tech that this machine hasn't been serviced for too long... Gotta love inheriting surprises like this.

Anyway, I need a service manual so I can find where the CPU battery is and how to replace, along with finding out what the PVT is like and whether I can do this in-house or not.

Appreciate any help, Thanks!!



4 years ago
Review of the ALCON INFINITI

I have been working with  the ALCON INFINITI since its inception.  I was an employee of ALCON for over 20 years and grew up with the Laser, Phaco and VITRET systems.

I now service the systems and stock parts for the system.  Over the years, we have been asked where did we get our training on the ALCON systems.  Being with ALCON, the answer was easy.  We now have a BIOMED school dedicated to the PM and Full service of the ALCON INFINITI and the ALCON ACCURUS  systems.

B.E.S.T. Training (Biomedical Engineer Service Technician) has a 2 day and 4 day programs.  The 2 day program covers the anatomy and physiology of the eye plus the hands on PM training including the specal tools. The 4 day progarm is an extension of the PM training and goes into detail on the system modules, replacement and advanced diagnosis for troubleshooting problems.  The 4 day program comes with an APPLE iPad in addition to the two PM kits from the PM training. 

If you have any questions, we are available to assit.