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The Millennium microsurgical system delivers on the promise of a platform with innovative technology. For the latest advancement in fluidics control for the cataract surgeon, Bausch & Lomb Surgical offers Millennium™ Advanced Flow System (AFS) and Custom Control Software (CCS) which take you beyond cold phaco with a new hyper-cool level of control with your choice of either a venturi or peristaltic system. The Dual Linear™ control feature allows for simultaneous control of either flow or vacuum, and ultrasound power. Additionally, surgeons can use both flow and vacuum response in the same procedure. The powerful Quad-crystal ultrasound handpiece delivers excellent cutting with smooth efficiency. Programming options allow for virtually unlimited parameters of storage and surgeon-controlled mode switching. With its modular design, the Millennium system integrates innovation for today and the future.

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2 years ago
Bausch & Lomb - MILLENNIUM: does not reach the maximum of its vacuum value from venturi modul
Hello. I have Bausch & Lomb - MILLENNIUM which does not reach the maximum of its vacuum value from venturi module. The maximum value remains between 100 120 mmhg, even if I set the maximum slider to 500mmhg. And sometimes the cassette does not want to eject, with a residual vacuum of 10mmhg, in this case I have to remove the source of compressed air so that the cassette is released. No error code is present. Reply


-Razi khan
2 years ago
Error 124 onley
The power supply module is in working. There is problem in venturi module, the card of venturi module is not detected Reply


-Clinica Glaz
3 years ago
Bausch and Lomb Millennium Enhancer MVE
Dear sir! Which connector should we use to connect a standard vitrectomy needle to the right port of the Enhancer MVE? Conventional plastic tips to the air port of Millenium System do not connect. Thank you in advance, Boris.Reply
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