The productivity, speed and image quality of FCR on the go.

The Fujifilm FCR Go is a portable CR system that features a compact design and employs standard lightweight Fuji cassettes available in all standard inch (and metric) sizes.     
Featuring a built-in FCR Carbon XL CR system and a rugged notebook version of the Flash IIP technologist console, this portable x-ray system is poised to revolutionize the way technologists view portable x-ray.

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17 days ago
FCR GO tube upgrade. Is it possible?
Hello everyone, my first post here. I just purchased a fuji fcr go for my small animal veterinary practice (dogs and cats exclusively) with 15kw , 250 ma power. I was wondering if i can install a higher wattage tube head , the one used on the fcr go 2 for example or similar. Is that possible? Has anyone done something similar? Is it worth such an upgrade? Thank you in advance for your answersReply


-Steve Lorence
3 months ago
collimator bulb
What is the FUJI collimator lamp voltage/wattage? Looking for a quick procedure write up on how to change the Fuji FCR GO1 collimator lamp. Thank youReply


-kamlesh singh
4 months ago
Error E06
I have replaced the batteries but still getting this error message if I shoot more than 8 mAs. Any idea please let me know.Reply
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Fujifilm - New Portable X-ray Model Wheels with Ease


  • Improve efficiency of portables: with image availability in as little as 23 seconds and wireless communication for updates.     
  • Produce outstanding images: Technologists have all the tools they need to produce the highest quality images with a consistent look and feel to other FCR and FDR images in the enterprise.     
  • Flexibility: FCR's lightweight and durable cassettes can be used in nearly every imaging environment - including the operating room.


CR-System ConfigurationSingle-plate floor unit
CR-Workstation ConfigurationIncluded with each image reader
Mammography Support0
Scoliosis Imaging1
Weight1188 lbs

Additional Specifications

Throughput (@ 14x17, std resolution) 94 plates per hour     
Image plate DQE Proprietary percent at 2 lp/mm     
Reader laser spot size 100 microns     
Output grayscale resolution Proprietary bits/per pixel     
Preview image display time 23 seconds

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