Philips - PCR Eleva S Hi-res
by Philips

Single slot, dual side reading capability with special high-resolution and low-dose imaging plates

With PCR Eleva systems you can digitize your conventional X-ray rooms. Each of the PCR Eleva systems can be used for a wide range of applications. 
The PCR Eleva S Hi-res is a single-slot system, which features the simultaneous dualside reading capability for small imaging plates, resulting in a 50% increase of the Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE). This feature enables high-resolution imaging with 50µm pixel size using special high-resolution cassettes (HR-BD) as well as low dose imaging with special cassettes (ST-BD). It is particularly suitable for hospitals or private practices who do mammography or dedicated pediatric imaging only from time to time and therefore don’t have high throughput requirements.

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7 months ago
i need service manual of this CR machine.i have a problem of network communication. pls email- Thanks Reply


3 years ago
IP in the wrong position

Error Number 11459

Initialization suspended because of IP's contradictory positional information



PCR Eleva S supports a wide range of applications:

  • Intensive care units, where free exposure techniques and fast image transmissions are required
  • Trauma departments, where fast and simple operations and initial on-screen findings are required due to time constraints
  • Pediatrics, where low radiation dosage is requiered
  • Orthopedics, where long image formats are required
  • General X-ray, with its wide range of projections and diagnostic requirements
  • Mammography, where high image resolution is essential


CR-System ConfigurationSingle-plate floor unit
CR-Workstation ConfigurationIncluded with each image reader
Mammography Support1
Scoliosis Imaging1
Weight533 lbs