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Now an eco-friendly and cost savings OR device.

Now an eco-friendly and cost savings OR device, the Stryker L9000 LED Light Source reduces hazardous environmental waste by preventing frequent changes of light bulbs.     
As an added benefit, the optional Safelight technology ensures that the light source goes into standby mode when the Safelight cable detaches from the scope. This feature will reduce the risk of injury to the patient and OR staff.     
This LED light source is a great solution when used with the 1288 HD 3-Chip Camera as the light output settings are completely controllable from the camera head. Overall lower operating cost and increased safety make this device a sure winner in the OR.

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a month ago
Light Source
How to change the Led Bulb of stryker L9000 LED light sourceReply


-Teksol guy
5 months ago
Stryker L9000 problem
I'm having trouble with the light source which is experiencing erratic opration, it emits green and sometimes red light output but there are times that the unit is functioning well though it is hooked up to a voltage regulator ever since but still the problem persist, Would this mean that it has a Power supply module issue or the LED membrane illuminator itself? Reply


8 months ago
Error E2
Good evening, I have a problem with the Stryker L9000 Light Source. When the light is activated, E2 appears on the display and the light that remains on for a few seconds and is blue. Can someone help me. Thanks so much.Reply
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  • Safelight technology for increased patient and OR safety     
  • Remotely controllable from 1288 HD 3-Chip Camera Head     
  • Cost savings     
  • Eco-friendly

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