Olympus - CF-2T160L/I
by Olympus

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Powerful dual-channel performance

The CF-2T160L/I Video Colonoscope offers powerful treatment and suction capability thanks to its dual channel design, featuring a 3.7mm diameter channel and a 3.2mm diameter channel for suction and insertion of EndoTherapy accessories. Furthermore, the CF-2T160L/I provides a wide 140° field of view to allow easier observation of a wider area of the site, thus helping to examine area of the colon more thoroughly.

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[list]      [*] Dual channel design ensures powerful suction capability and allows both channels to be used for Endo Therapy accessories.      [*] 3mm minimum depth of field for close-up observation.      [*] 4-way angulation (180° up/down and 160° right/left) facilitates complete and comprehensive examination of the colon.      [*] 13.7mm outer diameter insertion tube.      [*] Compatible with laser probes for expanded treatment versatility.      [*] Fully compatible with the CV-180, CV-160, and CV-140.      [*] Scope ID™ function stores individual scope information and displays it on the monitor to facilitate endoscopy suite management.      [/list]

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