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Simply good light!

Polaris medical lighting systems deliver cool, efficient and powerful illumination for almost any situation. Highly efficient, state of the art and designed for compatibility, these lights can be upgraded to our future developments and were engineered 
to protect your investment. The Polaris is simple to handle and operate, easy to clean, safe and reliable. 
The Polaris 500 is a good choice to expand the performance of the surgical light system Polaris. Featuring a total of 60 LEDs the light head provides you with additional illumination capacity. The Polaris 500 can be used as single minor surgical light as well as in several combinations. 
The Polaris 700 features 54 precision reflectors, each holding two LEDs, giving 
you a total of 108 LEDs. These are bundled together in 6 separate arrays that move 
in unison when the central handle is rotated. This reflector array design provides 
adequate shadow control and depth illumination.

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6 years ago

I am looking for a Amsco Surgical Socket Assembly (lamp & socket).  It is for a Polaris OR Light.  Can someone give me any ideas where to purchase them?


Thank you


513 242-8300





-Alexander Shokhov
9 years ago
Can you tell who represents your interests in Ukraine?


Our foundation (WORLD HEART FOUNDATION - Sweden) helps Odessa Children's Hospital (Ukraine) to purchase equipment for the department of cardiovascular surgery. We are interested in your lamp http://www.medwrench.com/?equipment.view/equipmentNo/4348/Dr-ger/Polaris/display/series/seriesNo/6480/. Can you tell who represents your company in Ukraine. We have to know the final price of the equipment before start raising money for its purchase.

My email shokhov@gmail.com





10 years ago
Dräger Polaris Lights Can Now Be Integrated With High Definition Cameras
[img]http://www.gheg.de/media/news/3642/110711_Bild_D-22405-2010_Polaris_HD-Kamera_mittel.jpg[/img] Dräger is now offering hidef (1080i) cameras on the company’s popular [url=http://www.medwrench.com/?equipment.view/equipmentNo/4348/Dr-ger/Polaris/]Polaris[/url] 560 and 760 OR lights. High resolution recording combined with a flood of light must produce excellent images for recording for later review and for those who are not present at the surgical site. None of the [url=http://www.medwrench.com/?equipment.view/equipmentNo/4348/Dr-ger/Polaris/]Polaris 560 and 760[/url] functions change due to the HD camera. For example, surgeons can still set the diameter of the light field in a variable range from 220 to 290 mm based on their needs and can rotate the light heads 360 degrees. Motorized camera alignment provides an upright display on the monitor with true to side images despite light head rotation. The camera can compensate for image rotation of up to 360 degrees without additional intervention from the surgeon. Camera functions such as 120x zoom (10x optical zoom), manual and automatic focus, white balance and stills as well as iris control are controlled by unsterile OR personnel using a control unit or remote control. It is also easy to swap one cameral light model for another. Anesthetists or unsterile personnel can watch the surgical procedure in the OR on a flat screen. The HD images from the operating room can also be displayed on monitors or large format screens outside of the operating room buy using the two HD-SDI outputs in the control unit (high definition serial digital interface). In this way, the operation can be watched live and in color in the lecture hall or in the doctor’s office, which also supports the training of clinic employees. The freeze function allows clinic personnel to make a detailed analysis of stills in full HD resolution. Originally posted on [url=http://medgadget.com]Medgadget.com[/url]Reply

Draeger - 500/550

Draeger - 700/750

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