Olympus - BF-Q180-AC
by Olympus

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Olympus is proud to introduce the new gold standard in bronchoscopy.

A number of features make this one-of-a-kind videoscope the logical solution to all of your bronchoscopy needs. Featuring the world’s first autoclavable design in a flexible bronchovideoscope, the BF-Q180-AC was created with your need for cost-efficiency and reliable sterilization in mind. The BF-Q180-AC delivers high quality images in a larger size in order to aid efficient examination of the bronchial tree. This exceptional image quality coupled with Narrow Band Imaging™ technology sets a new benchmark in bronchoscopic performance.

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[list]  [*] World’s first flexible bronchovideoscope to feature an autoclavable design — built to withstand the high temperatures and pressures of steam sterilization.  [*] Autoclave feature offers the ideal cleaning, disinfection and sterilization advantages to both your patients and staff.  [*] Redefines bronchoscopy-imaging standards by delivering outstanding image quality in a larger, easier-to-view size without sacrificing the slim diameter of the flexible bronchoscope that you are accustomed to.  [*] Narrow Band Imaging™ technology enables you to visualize the capillary network and mucosal surfaces of the bronchial tree with confidence — without increasing procedure time.  [*] Scope ID™ function helps expedite efficient case management in pulmonary labs and operating rooms by storing individual scope and patient information and displaying it on the monitor.  [*] Fully compatible with the Olympus CV-180, CV-160, and CV-140 video processors.  [*] Compatible with laser treatment as well as Olympus electrosurgery devices.  [*] Dedicated water-resistant cap is supplied to protect electrical connections during autoclaving.  [/list]

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