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High resolution and sample rate system

Noravs PC-based stress test system offers unparalleled flexibility while maintaining user friendliness and simple operation. The system meets the specific needs for each user, allowing individuals to control how diagnostic reports are acquired, displayed, measured and printed, according to their particular needs.         Most standard pre-programmed and user definable testing protocol are offered, accommodating many different treadmills and bicycle ergometers.

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7 years ago
1200 HD Stress test system
I need to understand the functionality of the system can you help me with sending me the manual?Reply
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[list]    [*] High resolution 12 lead ECG processing permits ST measurements and ischemia/Arrhythmia detection.    [*] Full disclosure EKG of entire test    [*] 16,000 Samples/sec maximum (1200HR)    [*] Scroll back during the test to review episodes which may have been overseen. (S2)    [*] Heart Rate Recovery     [*] Remote view on local network (S2)    [*] Export Formats- HL7, XML, JPEG, GDT, PDF (S2), DICOM    [*] On-line filtering and automated baseline correction for stable ECG tracing    [*] ECG screen display provide exceptionally clear tracing for visual view and on screen measurement.    [*] Plain paper ECG strips during test at user requests (Thermal printer is available)    [*] Acquisition, display and analysis of all 12 leads    [*] Display and print out of ST levels and slopes. Remote view is possible    [*] User defined J point. Controllable during study    [*] Retrospective J point and isoelectric placement (on stored study)    [*] User initiated and automatic capture of events    [*] Blood Pressure entrance and display of trend    [*] Heart Rate achieved / expected display and trend    [*] Display of 12 beats average or enlarged single beat    [*] Save full disclosure study on disk for post processing    [*] Standard Stress Test protocols: Bruce, Balke, Ellestad, Kattus and USAFSAM    [*] Unlimited user programmable protocols    [*] Automatic control of treadmill ergometers and blood pressure. Compatible with SunTech Tango+ blood pressure monitor.    [*] Oxygen uptake and METS estimation    [*] Super imposition display of averaged QRS during study, Dynamic ST display (S2)    [*] Automatic arrhythmia detection, print and capture VPB and SVPB (S2)    [*] Show distance in Km or Miles.    [*] Protected against defibrillator shocks    [*] Load, speed, and grade of exercise devices are controlled automatically or via manual control    [/list]


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