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DR for chest, skull, extremities

AXIOM Aristos VX Plus is a cost-efficient, fast and flexible imaging system with ceiling-mounted X-ray tube, tilting detector stand and optional patient trolley. With these components, an extensive array of examinations can be performed. AXIOM Aristos VX Plus not only meets the clinical demands of radiography, but also tight budgets.

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7 days ago
error 402 80

dear all 

i have one siemens axiom aristos vx pluse. all the time i have error 402 from apld 80 and down in monitor write heating current at min. can some body help with any error description. Thank you in advance

Equipment: SIEMENS Axiom Aristos VX Pluse



8 years ago
Axiom Aristos

Hello, I am looking for the footprint or schematics for the size of this DR Chest System I am buying.  Need to know if will fit in new room.  Can you help?


Thank you




12 years ago
Error No.102

Can you please tell me what to do for Error No 102 for Siemens Aristos VX?

Is there any solution other than replacing the collimator P/N 10092604?

Thanks and best regards,

Gurhan Tahtali



[list]  [*] Fast, flexible and cost-efficient  [*] Fulfilling a wide range of radiographic examinations  [*] Excellent image quality with DiamondView  [*] Reduced radiation dose to patient through excellent detector technology  [*] Large 43 cm x 43 cm detector coverage  [*] Higher patient throughput with shorter throughput time  [/list]


Online Storage Capacity1600 images on hard disk images
Detector TypeAmorphous Silicon
Pixel Matrix3k x 3k pixels
X-ray Generator Power Rating50 Kw or 80 kW
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