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Portable x-ray system using a flat-panel detector.

The Definium AMX700 combines the digital image quality and proven system interface from the GE digital X-ray product family with the reliability and maneuverability of the AMX platform into the only fully integrated mobile system on the market.

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a year ago
GE AMX 700 Detector
GE AMX 700 Table image detector communication link not established, what can be wrong , it was working fine beforeReply


2 years ago
Failed to communicate with a DICOM Printer
I successfully configured a DICOM printer on GE AMX 700 DR but it failed to print. I discovered that the Network signal was x. I need to move to its windows desktop to confirm the machine IP address but I was unable to switch to its desktop.Reply


4 years ago
Open Port
I need to open port 105 for access to the worklist. The GE professional that attempted to fix this issue was unable.Reply
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Ease of Use   

  1. Dramatic workflow enhancement with digital detector   
  2. Many processes are integrated and automatic increasing workflow productivity (bedside review, wireless connectivity to RIS/HIS and PACS systems, Auto Protocol Assist)   


Detector TypeAmorphous Silicon
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