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A fully automated, random access analyzer for Biochemistry and Immuno-Turbidimetric Assays.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of lower throughput labs. Chem Well -T is designed and manufactured by Awareness Technology, an American company that has specialized in supplying laboratory instruments to lower throughput labs since 1982. Chem Well -T is not a “junior” or “mini” version of a high throughput analyzer. Instead, it is a PC-controlled random access open system optimized in quality, speed, dependability, and economy, designed specifically for the smaller lab environment.

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5 years ago
Awareness Technology Chemwell 4600 Service Manual
Hi, I help support a hospital in Haiti. They have a Chemwell 4600. It is giving a (006) error stating the "Probe Z Axis is jammed". They apparently got it working but I am looking for a service manual and parts manaul. I want to order a new motor assy and possible PM parts/kit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks ArtReply


[list]    [*] Cuvettes are easy to load and unload.    [*] Reusable after washing.    [*] Starter quantity supplied.    [*] Additional cuvettes are commercially available.    [*] Cuvettes automatically glide through the optical system for endpoint and kinetic reading.    [*] 8 strips of 5 cuvettes each allows 40 reactions without intervention.    [*] Delivers 5mL to 450mL with typical precision of 2% CV or better.    [*] Oscillates to mix.    [*] Detects liquid surface.    [*] Measures remaining volume.    [*] Retracts safely if probe contacts an obstacle.    [*] Washes automatically.    [*] Guides user step-by-step with colorful graphics and prompts.    [*] Calculates and edits curves for a wide variety of endpoint and kinetic assays.    [*] Full QC package provides tracking options for calibrators and controls.    [*] Automatic system checks and error messages.    [/list]

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