The Site-Rite 6 Ultrasound system is affordable and easy to use for Central Venous Access.

Improved Patient Outcomes: The Site~Rite 6 Ultrasound System meets AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) recommendations for use of real-time ultrasound guidance for central line placement. Reduction of Complications: Clear vessel visualization reduces risk of inadvertent arterial puncture, hematoma or pneumothorax. Demonstrated Clinical Efficacy: Clinical investigation has demonstrated increases in vascular access procedural success for central catheter placement among clinicians using real-time ultrasound guidance. Patented Needle Guide: The Site~Rite 6 Ultrasound System’s patented needle guides direct the needle to the target vessel.

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2 months ago
change date and time
How do you change the date and timeReply


-GW Chiasson
4 months ago
Warranty time?. Does this item come with a battery charger?
What warranty comes with the Site Rite 6? Does the unit come wth the battery charger? Very interested in it Reply


8 months ago
Bios hosed, reset procedure?
I foolishly disabled the "on-chip vga" setting in bios while troubleshooting a dark screen complaint. Now i see nothing. I've tried reset by removing cr2032, but no worky. Any ideas?Reply
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  • Large 12.1” screen
  • 4 image options for a sharper or smoother image
  • Vessel wall sharpening
  • Vascular access image depths
  • Superficial 1.5 cm image depth for shallow imaging
  • Deep 6 cm image depth for deeper needle guidance including bariatric patients
  • Ability to input patient information
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use control buttons
  • 60-minute internal battery
  • Vascular access probe
  • Solid state vascular access probe
  • Buttons located on the probe allow control, including printing, from within the sterile field
  • Integrated carrying handle for portability
  • Locking drawer for sharps and medicines
  • Flat workspace for flexibility during bedside vascular access device placement
  • Vertical file for medical files and patient charts
  • Large storage bins for transport of needle guide supplies used in vascular access device placement
  • 2.5-hour external battery and A/C adapter
  • Large wheels for negotiating elevator transitions and other obstacles


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