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Digital Radiographic Mobile X-ray System with Flat Panel Detector

n medical facilities requiring quick action, this digital mobile X-ray system allows verification of images just 3 seconds after they are obtained, eliminating the need to replace cassettes and read CR barcodes. Output of up to 32 kW provides rapid radiography that ensures blur-free images, even with children and patients that are difficult to keep still.       
Mobile DaRt Evolution provides excellent operability, allowing users to move the system freely for easy positioning in confined locations. This reliable, state-of-the-art system lends powerful support to medical facilities faced with numerous restrictions and a high proportion of urgent cases.

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3 days ago
Turning on the computer
This is a basic question I am not an imaging service engineer... How do I turn on the Konica minolta computer on this? I press power and nothing happens. How do I boot it up?Reply


7 months ago
Machine specifications for shimadzu mobile daRt evolutiont
Hello, I need machine specifications information for shimadzu mobile daRt evolution, such as rectification,control console type, tube insert type, peek tube voltage, maximum quality charge, condenser capacitance, filtration inherent and added, timer, collimation. thank youReply


a year ago
Service manual
I am looking for PDF service manual for MUX200DReply
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Light-touch, natural maneuvering  

  • A light pressure applied to the drive handle moves the mobile system in a natural manner as if it were an extension of one's hand, allowing the MobileDaRt Evolution to be controlled easily and effortlessly. 


  • The MobileDaRt Evolution can be moved forward or backward by using the bedside drive controls located on the front of the collimator. Safety is a major consideration and any sudden force applied to the handle during "Inch-mover" operation stops the MobileDaRt Evolution automatically. In addition, X-ray irradiation is also automatically disabled during any movement of the MobileDaRt Evolution.

Keyless Entry

  • Setting a password for each user enables keyless use of the system. The Key-less Entry enables to turn on the system by 4 digits key command input without any actual key, which is useful to share the units by several staffs.

Wireless Networking

  • Standard MobileDaRt Evolution features include support of DICPM print and storage. Output data in DICOM format to a laser printer, image server, or viewer using the provided LAN connection. Optional wireless network connection is available that provides even greater freedom for communication to RIS or PACS while moving the unit.

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