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Single Plane Cardiac Cath System

The GE Advantx LC+ Single Plane Cardiac Cath System Provides State of the Art Medical Imaging for All Diagnostic and Interventional Cath Procedures.

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10 years ago
ge advantx lc+ problem

Hi, my Advantx lc+ is not starting after bios and its giving tube over heat.

anyone has solution to this issue please.



[list]  [*] LC+ Floor Mounted Three-Axis Positioner Design Provides Maximum Positioning Flexibility and Excellent Patient Access in All Views. With Three Motor Driven Axes, the Innovative Advantx LC+ Positioner Makes it Easy to Achieve Even the Most Complex Angulations   [*] Advantx 100 kW Three-Phase Power Unit   [*] 22cm (9in.), 17cm (6.7 in.), 11cm (4.5 in.) Fields of View Allows the Operator to Match the Field Size to the Relevant Anatomy   [*] MX-150 Water Cooled X-Ray Tube with 1.0, 0.5, and 0.3b Effective Focal Spots and Pulsed Fluoroscopy Provides Excellent Cardiovascular Imaging Capabilities. The Tube's 1.95 MHU Heat Capacity Along with a High Heat Dissipation Rate Minimizes the Need for Heat-cooling Delays, Even with Aggressive Techniques   [*] Omega IV Table with 4-Way Mechanical Float and Motorized Longitudinal 2-Way Travel Allows Easy Patient Positioning   [*] Table Side System Control Mounted to the Table Side to Provide Fingertip Access to Common Imaging Functions   [*] Vascular SRI Collimator Combines Both Rectangular and Circular Collimators as well as Optional Contour Filters   [*] Autopositioner Increases Productivity Through Easy Table Side Storage and Access of Commonly Used Positions. This Option Allows Nine Different Operators to Store Eight Unique Positions for a Total of Seventy-Two Stored Positions   [*] DLX - Cardiac Digital System is a Fully Integrated Imaging Subsystem that Meets Key Cardiovascular Imaging Demands Through Extensive Storage and Advanced Post Processing, Display and Quantitative Analysis Capabilities. The DLX-C Digital System Utilizes a UNIX Architecture and Windows-like Environment Ensuring Upgradeability and Ease of Use. The DLX-C is Capable of True Multitasking Allowing Background DICOM Transfer to Archive Devices   [*] DLX High Speed Combo Gateway Provides Both Cardiac DICOM ATM (150 Mbps) Output and Angio DICOM Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) Output for Acquisitions From the DLX Digital System   [*] Two Monitors on and Ceiling Mounted Overhead Suspension/Boom   [/list]

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