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The Acuson 128 XP-10 ART ultrasound system is a high quality system in the low- to mid-price range that meets a low-cost standard for shared-services.

The Acuson 128 XP-10 ART ultrasound system's well-known reliability, low-cost replacement probes and good image quality make it a great choice for a lower-cost shared-services system. This was one of the most popular shared-services systems in the early 2000's in the refurbished system market because of its reliability, image quality and popular name.

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3 years ago
Are the parts still available
Are the parts of this machine still available Reply


-carlos grandi
5 years ago
Acuson XP128 problem - Error #6 Help Please
Hi, I have an xp128 acuson with the following problem. when switching on, it displays error 6 in the displa 7 segment and turns off. I connect a bridge to w2 to detect what may be happening, the ultrasound turns on,and after boot then the screen appears watered with strange characters but in the background you can see the image of the transducers ... pressing the keys test + code + shift + v - a clean menu appears without those strange characters .. what can be those strange characters? question .. what could be error # 6 in the 7 segments display of of the power supply? data to keep in mind .. 2 years ago the echograph was not used.. Thanks in advance.Reply


-The Veterinary Clinic
6 years ago
Power Up Errors
We have a Acuson 128 XP ultrasound that has recently shown power up errors when turned on and cannot move past that screen. We are trying to determine what the errors mean. Please see the list (which show up together) below. Thanks in advance. FEB 06 FEC 01 DAQ 03 OC3 06 DSP 0C PROMLOAD 04 DPR 80Reply
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  • RT (Acoustic Response Technology)
  • Native Tissue Harmonics Imaging Software
  • 128 channel imaging 
  • Triple Frequency (F1, F2 & F3) 
  • Color Doppler
  • B Color (Colorization)
  • Triplex Doppler Modes
  • Cineloop & Strip Cine 
  • Spectral Doppler
  • ECG 
  • Auxiliary CW Doppler
  • Built in S-VHS VCR


Cart Based1
Height51.5 in
Length 37.5 in
Weight465 lbs
Clinical ApplicationsColorectal
Imaging Capabilities2D
Color-flow Mapping1
Doppler ModesCW doppler, PW doppler, M-mode
Imaging ModeM
Width25 in
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