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The GE Logiq 400 combines advanced technology, functionality and ease of use and the image management system is functional and user friendly.

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-Engr Zohaib
10 months ago
Logiq 400 Pro Series Power Issue
Hello! Sir When I power on the machine only keyboard back light is on for 1 sec then no response from the machine, same thing will happen when power off the equipment. Thanks for your response & considering this thread. Regard Zohaib Reply


a year ago
Program timekeeping RAM

Hello everybody,

I'm looking for help with the LOGIQ 400, Model 2265944.

Unfortunately I do not receive any support for this device in my country (Germany).

The device remains at power-up with the message at the bottom "CPU MEMORY TEST: SUCCESS", no further reactions can be detected.

In some forums I could read that this cause can be due to a defective timekeeping RAM. I got a new DS1643-150 and replaced it.

However, the system stops at boot up as with the old RAM.

Now I read in the data sheet of Timekeeping RAM that this must be programmed before its use.

So my question: How does the programming of the timekeeping RAM? Can someone help me with a guide or write where I find this?

My e-mail:

Thanks for your time



2 years ago
GE Logiq 400 HDD
I have Ge Logiq 400 version 2290505 that need software If anyone can send me image of the software My email Thank youReply
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