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The GE Logiq 400 combines advanced technology, funtionality and ease of use. The Loqiq 400's image management system is functional and user friendly. Image display includes thumbnails as well as image archiving.



a month ago
Hello I have a LOGIQ 400 MD Version 3.30 By 2136319-4. I have replaced the Timekeeper Battery and I setted datetime, id and video values without problem. Now the systems boots but do not recognize the proves which before were working. During boot sequence appears this message on the monitor display: SYS ERROR: BOARD NON EXISTENT. BOARD: DCON And this message via hyperterminal connected with service cable: VTSH> SCNI:rt_cancdlyresume error: 11007 SCNI: USC [u_read] Poling Timeout [ffff] +++ ATS0=0 I also checked these details: * I have checked the boards installed on the system via board configuration display appears all correct except DCON or CONN(1). * I have checked wires between DCON: TRDS ASSY - HBFR (1) ASSY - HBFR (2) ASSY . Perhaps were disconected during Timekeeper fix but now appears well connected. Any ideas? Maybe I need to make some adjustments via hyperterminal to make DCON work? Maybe a problem with a Mother IC? Thanks for your time. Regards from Spain.Reply


-Nadeem Hameed
6 months ago
bbram resetting command by hyperterminal
can anyone help me to reset bbram in logic400 after change time keeper ram battery Reply


6 months ago
Programming for ge logiq 400 timekeeping ram
Anybody please provide the procedure for programming of ge logiq 400 ultrasound machine time keeping ram. Thank you.Reply


4 years ago
TimeKeeper RAM failure


Greetings, If you have a TimeKeeper RAM failure you will see the monitor show no progress after the second bar of the boot-up process. It may also indicate a BBRAM failure. If this is the problem you are seeing then the following is the solution.


You will need to replace the Timekeeper RAM IC that is located on the CPU. Some units use a RAM IC with a separate battery, most use a RAM with a built in battery. These IC’s are physically taller than a standard memory IC. Usually the TimeKeeper is a Dallas semiconductor IC. It is a socketed IC and is very easily changed. If you remove this IC the system ID and date will have to be reset even if the IC is still good. There is a lithium battery that provides the RAM backup. With age this battery will fail and the system ID and date will be lost. That is indicated by the program not booting past the second bar on the monitor. You can select whatever numbers you would like for the System ID. I recommend that you use the serial number. This will make it easier for anyone else to work on the system. It will also allow you future servicing should you lose the number.


I have attached 5 files. Connecting the Logiq 400 to a laptop computer.doc and Venus Logiq 400 ID time reset without GE contacts.doc are the ones that outline the actual procedure. The Logiq 400 resetting password.doc and Logiq 400 System ID change.doc are for general interest. GE Links.doc provides a link through GE to obtain the service manual if you don't already have it. You will need a PC or laptop running a terminal program. We use HyperTerminal. The older versions of HyperTerminal will not work on Windows 7 or 8. You will require a new release to use these operating systems. The serial cable required is a straight through serial cable. Usually 9 pins on the computer and 25pins on the Logiq. Pin 2 connects to 2 and pin 3 connects to 3. The service manual gives the details regarding the cable and the setup.


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