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Portable Ultrasound System with all-digital image quality, battery or AC powered, Pulsed Wave (PW) Doppler and Directional Color.

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-Segundo Moran
a month ago
Reverse system update
How can I reverse a system update? 
updated the ultrasound system by installing a new transducer but I have not been able to purchase the license for the system update. Can you help me with any suggestions?


6 months ago
SonoSite - 180 Plus - does not start!

The device does not turn on either with the battery or without the battery with the adapter connected.

When the adapter is connected, the battery charge indicator turns on (all LEDs) for about 10 seconds and then goes off. There is no response to the power button.

A similar question has been asked here several times in previous years, but no one had ever answered it in essence. Gentlemen, please help. I do not have the opportunity to turn to the sponsors of this resource for help. I have to fix the device myself. I am an experienced radio technician, I have the necessary equipment, but without a circuit diagrams and diagnostic charts, my capabilities are very limited. Please give me your advice - something like try this, try that. The case is obviously typical - there must be typical reasons, the most probable. Please, help!



10 months ago
Sonosite 180 plus, white screen

Sonosite 180 plus shows a white screen??

Equipment: Sonosite 180 plus

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Acoustic Imaging Solutions of Indiana Acquired by Conquest...

Conquest Imaging, a national leader in refurbished ultrasound parts, probes, and service today announced the acquisition of Acoustic Imaging Solutions (AIS), an Indiana-based company providing ultrasound solutions to the healthcare industry.

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