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Change Power in One Step -- Not Four

The Bovie 900 high frequency desiccator forever removes the need to go through a tedious multi-step process to change from low to high power. The 900's digital power control system allows you to change from low to high by simply rotating the power control knob or pushing the up/down buttons on the handpiece.

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4 years ago
Service/user manual
Does anyone have a service/user manual for Bovie A900?Reply


10 years ago
Error E1

Unit gives an error E1 on startup. I need a service manual.

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The Bovie 3-Button Handpiece – Better By Design, Inside And Out      The basic function of a 3-button handpiece is to allow the user to control power up/down and to activate the high frequency desiccator. The Aaron 900 has a technology advantage right in the handpiece: a superbly engineered collet that’s even gold plated for superior conductivity.             Designed For Years of Trouble-Free Use      The Aaron 900 is designed and engineered to be the most reliable and durable desiccator available today. The unit’s life is prolonged by incorporating the latest in chip technology and reducing the number of internal parts, thereby generating less internal heat. Post-procedure and long-term cleanup are simplified by its non-absorbing, nonstaining, high-impact plastic case.            Digital Error Detection      Digital error detection means unsurpassed safety for you and your patient. The Aaron 900 continuously monitors every aspect of the unit’s output. At the sign of any problem the machine instantly disables the output and displays the appropriate error code on the display.


Height15.9 cm
Length 11.4 cm
Weight5 lbs
OutPut Frequency550 kHz
Output Power10 W 0-10 Watts adjustable in 1/10 Watt increments     10-30 Watts adjustable in 1 Watt increments    
Width22.2 cm

Additional Specifications

     Line Voltage A900 (A800EU-110) – 120 VAC ± 10%        A900-220 (A800EU-220) – 220 VAC ± 10%               Line Frequency 50-60 Hz

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