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Hematology Analyzer 

The CELL-DYN 1700 was developed to address hematology needs in today's changing laboratory environment. Ease of use, low maintenance, closed-tube sampling, small sample requirements, and high reliability are features expected in the modern hematology lab. New challenges have made fast access to results, sophisticated data management, and simplification of data interpretation necessary to meet the increasing demands of current clinical practice. The CELL-DYN 1700 can deliver all these features to any size hematology lab that demands the latest in technology. The CELL-DYN 1700 provides fast, accurate results and differential screening with sophisticated data management, in a compact, easy-to-use system

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-ibmc jf
8 years ago
Nothing on the display

We have an Cell Dyn 1700 that has nothing on the display, but hte instrument itself is running  and no acessibility to the functions for initializing, etc.  I have turned it on and off several times and removed the casing around the screen.  Is there a fuse that could have blown or a switch that went out for this display?



10 years ago
Cell dyn 1700

Computer and machine keeps freezing up. Any idea what is wrong?



11 years ago
about shut down of cell dyn 1700

my question is after the device shut down by automation from itself....after that if i want to close i will make shut down again???



  • Easy to Operate.
  • Color Display with full Keyboard.
  • Patient name & comments on report.
  • Proven accuracy and reliability.
  • Easy to obtain reagents and controls.
  • 60 CBC’s per hour maximum.
  • 3 Part Differential with counts and percents.
  • WBC, RBC & PLT Histograms on screen and printed on included graphic printer.
  • LIS capability including histograms
  • Only 30uL of sample required.
  • Full computer system with QC, Control Values, Reagent logs, Levy-Jennings charts, Westguard rules, etc.
  • All necessary data for compliance on-line.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic messages.
  • Universal Power 120/240V 50/60Hz.
  • 18-parameter automated system
  • Three-part leukocyte differential
  • Optional closed sampling system
  • Graphical display with three histograms
  • 30 microliter sample requirement
  • 60 seconds for a Complete Blood Count
  • 5,000 specimen data storage with graphics

Additional Specifications

  • Contains a series of dilutions of WBC, RBC/Hgb and PLT concentrations
  • Packaged in 3.0mL vials with color-coded caps
  • Each kit includes one computer-generated report
  • Each kit includes a Low Range Kit and an instrument specific Full Range Kit
  • Low Range Kits may be ordered separately

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