Schiller - ARGUS LCM plus
by Schiller

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Vital Data Patient Monitoring - first-class quality for the budget conscious

The SCHILLER ARGUS LCM plus monitor -for the comprehensive vital data monitoring of adults, paediatrics andneonates. It is suitable for intra-hospital transport as well as in theward.

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-Laura BME
3 years ago
Lines on the screen
There are vertical white lines on the LCD screen. How can I fix this? Reply


6 years ago
Switches off while measuring BP
Hello, When I start NIMBP the monitor. spontaneously switches off. Is there an easy way to fix this problem?Reply


8 years ago
Unit won't power on two units

When unit is plugged in there is a green light for line power.  When I try to turn on the red LEDs above the parameter buttons flash red and then nothing.  This is happening to two units.  Couldn't find anything in the manual with this issue.  Going to start with batteries but wanted to see if anyone had similar issues or other suggestions.  



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[list]        [*] Excellent price/performance ratio        [*] Large, high resolution colour LCD        [*] Light-weight and compact design        [*] Simplified operation using direct function keys        [*] Simultaneous 12-lead ECG        [*] Up to 5 traces on screen        [*] ECG in diagnostic quality        [*] 12-channel print out        [*] 3-traces printer        [/list]


Height290 mm
Length 180 mm
Weight4.6 kg
Width275 mm

Additional Specifications

[u]ECG[/u]        Amplifier: >5 kV        Leads: Simultaneous recording of up to 12 standard leads        HR display: 20 – 250 beats/min.        Automatic lead programme: Simultaneous display of up to 3 leads per page        Sensitivity: 5/10/20/40 mm/mV, manually selectable        Pacemaker detection: = 2 mV/ = 0.1 ms                [u]Trends[/u]        Memory: All data are stored for 24 hours        Display: In tabular and graphic form        Recording: Graphic representation possible                [u]Respiration[/u]        Measuring principle: Impedance method with 3-, 5- or 10-lead patient cable        Measuring range: Apnoea, respiration rate: 0 - 200/min.                [u]Temperature[/u]        Amplifier: Fully insulated, defibrillation-protected, > 5 kV        Measuring principle: Rectal, skin or ear        Sensor: YSI 401        Measuring range: 15° C to 45° C        Resolution: 0.1° C

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