Schiller - CARDIOVIT AT-102 plus
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New ECG system for highest demands

The CARDIOVIT AT-102 plus increases the diagnostic reliability thanks to the internationally renowned, clinically validated and proven SCHILLER Interpretation Program .            [b]The new CARDIOVIT AT-102 plus offers several advantages:[/b]      [list]      [*] Simplified workflows: the device can be connected to the SCHILLER Information System SEMA or the HIS.      [*] Expandable: the CARDIOVIT AT-102 plus can be expanded to become a pulmonary function test device at any time.      [*] Reliable diagnoses due to high-performance and proven technology.      [/list]

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5 years ago
Need manual
Can device display both graphs during PFT testingReply


8 years ago
Preventative Maintenance

Is there a preventative Maintenance service maual for this ap.



9 years ago
Time setting

I am unable to set the minutes of the machine which is causing me problems. I managed to set the hours but not the minutes. Also i would like to know if its possible to preview the information on the screen of the machine before printing it on the ECG paper. Please advice on what to do.

Thanks in advance.

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[list]      [*] Resting ECG      [*] SAECG (high-resolution, signal averaged ECG)      [*] HRV (heart rate variability)      [*] Thrombolysis software      [*] Pacemaker measurement      [*] Pulmonary function measurements      [*] Rhythm recording      [/list]


EKG/ECG TypeRest
Height101 mm
Length 400 mm
Weight4 kg including rechargable battery and paper
Width330 mm

Additional Specifications

[u]Electrical data[/u]    Power Supply: Mains or battery operation    Voltage: 100 to 240 V    Power: 0.3 A (115 V) to 0.16 A (240 V)    Sampling: 50/60 Hz    Battery type: Lithium-Polymer rechargable battery, replaceable by the    user; battery capacity for 100 ECG printouts or 3 hours of continuous    display (without printing)    Battery recharging time: Approx. 4 hours after full discharge (with monitor    switched off)    Power consumption: 14 to 28 VA        [u]Display[/u]    Display type: Backlit colour LCD, diagonal 8.4 in (218 mm)    Display resolution: 800 x 600 pixels    Display data: Heart rate, patient name, patient number, time, curves, lead    designations, speed, amplification, filter settings and warnings    Number of displayed leads: 3, 6 or 12    Lead combinations: Up to 16 simultaneous leads: Standard/Cabrera/ Nehb;    more lead combinations freely programmable by the user        [u]Printer[/u]    Printing technology: High-resolution thermal printing, 8 dots/mm (amplitude    axis), 40 dots/mm (time axis), @ 25 mm/s    Frenquency range: 0Hz - 150Hz (IEC/AHA)    Chart speed: 5, 12.5, 25 & 50 mm/s    Sensitivity: 5, 10, 20 & 40 mm/mV    Paper type: Thermo-reactive, Z-folded, DIN A4 ; letter size    Writing breadth: 3 to 7 recording channels positioned at optimal width on    200 mm, automatic baseline adjustment

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