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General purpose radiographic system

The Proteus XR/a is a full-featured radiographic system designed to meet almost any facility’s radiographic imaging and throughput requirements, without compromising your capital-equipment budget.

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5 days ago
Is there a schematic available.

Equipment: GE Healthcare - Proteus XR/a



-Biomed Mike B
5 months ago
OTS locks
The OTS locks will not disengage. I have replaced power supplies, all boards related to the locks, OTS console. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.

Equipment: GE Healthcare - Proteus XR/a



-Hugh Jass
10 months ago
delay before exposure
Hello. My Proteus has a long delay between prep and exposure. This has been going on for several days now. No error is displayed and everything else seems normal. Does anyone know what could cause this? Thanks Reply


  • Broad clinical flexibility, to address your radiographic needs.   

  • Exceptional ease of use, to improve staff productivity and patient throughput.   

  • Outstanding reliability, to help ensure maximum uptime. 

    Broad clinical flexibility 

  • Elevating or fixed-height pedestal table features a four-way floating tabletop, and front- and rear-positioning foot pedal controls for easy patient positioning and technologist accessibility. 

  • Overhead tube support can be rotated for decubitus, off-table and upright radiography, as well as stretcher cases.   

  • Tomo module sets up easily for high-quality linear tomography.   

  • Available in 32, 50, 65 and 80 kW, the high-frequency generator provides penetration for nearly any application. 

    Ease of Use   

  • The Proteus XR/a’s engineers relied heavily on input from technologists to design a system that would minimize learning curves, streamline operation and speed patient throughput.   


  • Like all GE imaging systems, the Proteus XR/a was designed with Six Sigma to maximize your uptime and minimize your operating costs.

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